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I always counteract the idea of transgender suicide rates with “they are frightenly higher than we can ever imagine because of the people that were never allowed to come out”

A friend of mine, someone I met working retail at a big box store, confided in me that they were considering transitioning but several of their friends were also transitioning and they didn’t want to feel as if they were being an imitator.

After giving my canned speech about you determing your own authenticity and not reflecting off of the other people’s lives, I asked if maybe the reason why their friends got together is they have an understanding of themselves and self-expression that the average person doesn’t? And maybe transgender people tend to gravitate towards certain themes in their media?

Things could have gotten low for this person back in the day and nobody would ever known that they had these trans feelings, and they wouldn’t show up as a percentage either. So like most things in life however bad you think things are, it’s worse

But as an ancient trans person (36, out for 16) it is getting better and better all the time. More people treat us as humans now.”

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  1. trafficthomas says:

    Knowing you from the beginning of your online adventures throughout all the twists and turns, that you are not the only one I follow that felt like there not making much progress to the so called “Normalcy” of what people expect from you or other transgender females, this is exactly why I follow just in case someone doesn’t feel that there accepted and somewhat appreciative for who they are and what they trying to do. It’s all relevant in the human sense but the younger crowd seem to forget that and become more of a recluse, thinking no one cares, and that’s far from the point from my perspective. Don’t get me wrong there are some that have suicidal thoughts and achieve it like a bad rash, those are the people I would love to help, and Riley for what it’s worth I do love you, you’re the kind of person who helps too and that is what I really love about you. Just saying Riley my arms are always open for you to come and squeeze me and never let go.

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