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starting over

It’s been 4 months since everything kinda up-ended itself and lets be honest, life wasn’t ideal before losing my job. In this post I’m going to talk about some of my experiences in the last 4 months, and how I … Continue reading

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it got better

Wooooo it’s good to be settled, at least for now 🙂  I’m feeling very comfy, satisfied, lovely, all sorts of good ways to feel. I won my unemployment case and finally have a *clean* employment record again, I’m taking my … Continue reading

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feet done

Howdy friends! I *finally* got the internet situation going! I’m super excited to start posting more, and it was nice to spend the time off to reconnect with the people here in the valley that matter to me. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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this story is about ryan This is Street Musique This is Ryan. this story isn’t about me… it’s about Ryan.

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