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It’s one month ago, I’m looking over the ledge on the golden gate bridge, feeling little drops of rain on my face, I’m tired, looking down at the blackness of the water, wondering how long it would take until I … Continue reading

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gender switch cosplay

Quick video, I have a bit of a transformation video on the way myself, this is fun to watch, and gets me all mixed up and confuzzled… in a good way ❤

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since 04′

6 years ago today I was in Beijing, watching the Sacramento Kings play the Houston Rockets. I could go into it, but my mind is somewhere else right now. I’ve been thinking about places, time and omission, so that’s what … Continue reading

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wandering eyes

Alright! I’ve been busy busy busy, getting things in order for my next step… which has yet to be determined. I’m at a friends house in my hometown, I needed to come back for various reasons, mental well-being was one … Continue reading

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Here I am, back in front of a computer. Wrapped up in a blankie, asagio/spinach crackers in one bowl, chicken soup and shittake mushrooms in the other, I’ve got a nasty little cold, I think yesterday was the worst of … Continue reading

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Cheered UP!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, it’s not just a bad pun… I’ve cheered up, I feel better, I got out of the city, staying with a friend in the mountains until I head back on the 3rd. I’m happy to get the rest, my ankles feeling … Continue reading

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