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Quick background on my employment situation I was unfairly fired in June 2010 I worked at a fine coffee/cafe establishment I was not told why I was fired and the true reason remains a mystery I joined the workforce as … Continue reading

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This post is just a quick note to ramble a little and make everyone aware of a new FaceBook feature, Instant Personalization. Bit of irony, some 30 years ago John Lennon wrote and recorded Instant Karma Mark Zuckerburg’s facebook got … Continue reading

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looks like things are coming up Riley… FINAL decision – The California Court Of Appeals has ruled in my favour! It’s all over folks!  Looks like it’s going to be early March until I get anything from it, but regardless … Continue reading

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it’s a secret

its really cold outside… this organization isn’t about problems, it’s about solutions! ❤ climates where you can wear footy sleepers under your clothes! Off into the tundra, On a quest to complete my unemployment situation, a decision has been made, getting … Continue reading

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Natural Beauty

All is well in the world of Riley… i’m pretty sure… right? Hope you enjoy the video, it’s something of great beauty.  available in 720p on youtube ❤

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Today’s been a rough day.  Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just can’t help but mess things up? Well, you just have to take a deep breath, and realize that it’s better to push through than … Continue reading

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tell me about it…

Hey there again, pull up a chair and i’ll fill you in.This post is about a favorite topic David Bowie and I share, changes I’ve found myself in an entirely new place, a new climate, and in many ways a new … Continue reading

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Here’s a little video, words can’t explain how lovely my new environment is so I’m clearly at a loss for them.  more words soon, explanations, thoughts, feelings and wonderment.   Stay warm my friends 🙂

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Trap Shooting

::insert soviet russia joke here:: more stuff soon ❤

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