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good girl

This is out of nowhere but I’ve been really good about the drinking thing, tonight was the second time I had anything alcoholic to drink this year, and both times its been 1 beer in a social environment. Heavy drinking … Continue reading

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short lived relationship

Quick summary of the last 2 posts. My friends girlfriends moms dad gave me a sex machine, and I’ve been lamenting about relationship problems i’ve had in the past, theres some funny stuff, tragic stuff, its a rollercoaster ride through the written word… to … Continue reading

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love the one you plug in

This is entry is about the machines we love and has a really positive message, I promise, but it does contain Graphic Content. My last post was about how much I want to be a positive beacon of the transgendered community, this post … Continue reading

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coalition of the willing

This post consists of 99% awesome, and one thing that wasn’t cool, but turned out ok. Let’s start with the awesome, shall we? Most of us have thought about when Uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibility”, to me it’s … Continue reading

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whatever floats your quote

I was talking to a friend today, and in a deep conversation on the dynamics of gender, cisgenderism and being perceived as a woman, she dropped this logic on me… “the pressure on trans people to ‘pass’ is the pressure of … Continue reading

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old and new and new

Hey there! It’s been over 2 weeks since I started hormones, and things are going smoothly. I have felt sick in the morning a couple times, but only puked that once. I’ve had to really regulate my sleeping schedule where … Continue reading

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if you want to sing out, sing out

Probably the first time I felt like I truly “passed” as a girl was when I was very young, long before i knew what hormones or even the word transgendered was. Whenever people called, it was always “Hello darlin’ is … Continue reading

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Hey there! I made a little video clearing up some of the big details of my life… enjoy! More pics, stories and experiences coming soooooooon!

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name trail

Hey there friends. In my hands I hold a vital part of my transition, my name change forms…. so lets talk about names, shall we? My name isn’t Riley Kilo. It’s a made up name thats very dear to me, I perk … Continue reading

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waking up feeling young and limber

First-First – I fell asleep writing this post last night, I was 99% done and listening to the band mentioned below, they have some dreamy melodic stuff, I just started dozing off and thought “I’ll just lay down for a second”, and … Continue reading

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