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Drag March

It’s inspiring to see this many people come together to help redefine gender lines, and express themselves the way they see fit. Of all the videos this weekend, this was the most fun to film/edit

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Here’s a video of the 2011 Trans Day of Action in NYC. I’d like to clarify a couple comments in the video… I have a strong belief that Trans-people are a VERY at risk group of people, for suicide, drugs, … Continue reading

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Legalize it

NY state just legalized gay marriage! I went to Stonewall to capture the festivities leading up the decision, to see the angst and anger or elation and expression. The moments leading up to it were tense, as you can see … Continue reading

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you can react if you want to

After leaving the club last night, I had a few hundred in my pocket, I felt hot and dirty from the drinks and busy hands of the clientele there. I wrongly expected a strip club, what I found was more … Continue reading

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you can dance if you want to

I’m crotch deep in this city right now. Its been 2 whole weeks since I came here, and I’ve already seen/done so much. I’ve been to transgender meetup groups, set up an appointment for a doctor, started the name change … Continue reading

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gone and going

To finish a thought or two from the last post, on the topic of education/ways of learning… You’re not an idiot Riley, you just need a little help now and then. That’s why there is a community, to reach out to … Continue reading

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I’m writing from the subway while headed to the manhattan pride center! I’m optimistic about this being the place to help “legalize” my transition. I haven’t had the mental capacity, steady address or money to change my name, I am … Continue reading

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Just Landed

Here’s a little video of me in NYC, just after arriving, very excited 🙂 more stuff soon ❤

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