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life history (02) young love, old soul

Freshman year was as bad as any freshman year, smaller fish in a bigger pond. Family fought constantly, I was grounded due to grades most of the time, started getting big into clubs, and by sophomore year ran most of … Continue reading

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life history (01) portrait of the artist as a young man

Since I started this site, I’ve received tons of E-mails asking about my past, where I came from, what got me to this point, what I was like as a younger person. I plan to elaborate on a lot of … Continue reading

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Trash Film Orgy

Hey there! This Saturday night I went out to the Trash Film Orgy, a late-night bad-movie show at a classic theatre I’ve spent a good portion of my life at, either in the audience, behind the counter and even a … Continue reading

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I said in my last post I want to be frank about my experience… so here it goes. I came buckets last night. I was at home watching Battlestar Galactica and of no fault of my own I got aroused. … Continue reading

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I guess this is a good post to mention this, but this blog isn’t going to be very polite. There’s no kids here, and if you’re underaged and reading this, well you might just be mature enough to handle it. … Continue reading

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let it all hang out

Well, you can let it all hang out… I’m just going to be in my panties right now, theres quite a few people watching this and I’m a little shy. I may pretend to be a porn star now and … Continue reading

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1st dose & 2nd thoughts

WooooooHooooooooo!!!!! I’m *officially* on hormones I took my first dose yesterday, and another one today. It’s a day-by day process, and I think I might have read the side-effects thing too many times, every time I stand up and feel … Continue reading

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first video!

Here’s my first little video… I’m pretty sure I misused the word “chronicling” but hey, no ones perfect… yet!

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This is the story of my transition

Lets get serious for a moment, shall we? Before I say anything about myself, I want to make sure that you know how brave you are for reading this. You’ve managed to break out of societal norms and ventured into … Continue reading

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