We Need To Talk About Sophie Labelle

Sophie Labelle is an comic artist best known for “Assigned Male” Comics & for using images of real children to make kink content (her words, not mine).

This video discusses her history of dodging her dodgy past & using Transphobia as a shield from valid accusations, her behaviour is upsetting regardless of gender or sexuality.

This is a statement to Sophie stating: “Sharing and/or Selling Provocative Images of Children Is Not Acceptable in the Trans, ABDL or ANY Community”

If you want to learn more about how ABDLs and P*dophilia is not correlated see this video –    • ABDL vs PREDATORS…  

If you want to learn more about why the separation between Knk & Minors is so important, see this video –    • Ageplay, Diapers …  

There’s a line where I say “her content is identical to ABDL content”, I should have included “EXCEPT that it features actual children”. ABDL art does not include children.

And Now, For The Evidence!

~ This is the big one, this pretty much covers it all, huge content warning ~

First, we have the TranssexualLiam Saga, basically some pretty ugly cartoons stereotyping and berating transmen, shows a history of evading responsibility.

The Following is her responses to being outed for creating Child Sexual Exploitation content. She allegedly creates images from real children and using childlike bodies as an attempt to groom children into being sexual with adults. I don’t explain it as well as EssenceOfThought (Best Bit Around 35:00 Mins) or smarter people , but basically creating sexual content with children and child like characters and inviting them into 18+ spaces like the ABDL community is a way to lower their defenses and teach them that being sexual with adults is in fact mature and good.

This is where she describes the backlash as “kink shaming” in which she explains how she “indulges” in these images, which really sounds like they are describing a sexual fetish and the pornography involved, but she stands by the statement that her interest in ABDL is entirely non-sexual. She claims they did not represent children (though they are clearly childlike bodies and do not represent adults, that’s why she traces 2-year olds to make them).

I spend all day in the “Littles” and ABDL community and we do not allow or condone or like art of children or childlike bodies in provocative situations and we sure as hell don’t involve kids in her art. She’s throwing the whole ABDL community under the bus to shield what are very clearly pedophilic desires being sold to other people with pedophilic desires. It’s a flimsy shield, but it works on other people playing the same game. It’s OK to show off my diapers in public because it’s non-sexual, it’s OK to talk to kids about diapers because it’s non-sexual, it’s OK to harass healthcare workers into changing them because it’s Non-Sexual! There are non-sexual ageplayers, Asexual folks, but there’s just as many using that as a shield to bother kids or non-consenting people.

Calling A Kink “Non-Sexual” Does Not

Mean You Can Involve Children!

I say pedophile because I can’t think of any other explanation for creating and selling images of children in a kink community like this, modifying the pics to be more sexual, adding exposed butts etc. There are non-sexual ageplayers, but Sophie seems to use the “SFW” label as a way to trojan horse child sexual abuse images into our community to groom minors, who she has significant access to from her touring. You have someone who is KNOWN as a creator of these kink/fetish images involving children going and teaching children about how great it is to be trans and how she’s a trusted trans adult they can confide in.

It’d be like if Kevin Spacey wrote books about the importance of a gay older mentor

It’d be like if Harvey Weinstein wrote a book on how to please a casting director

It’d be like if Marjorie Tailor Greene hosted your Bat Mitzvah

It’d be like if you let Jimmy Saville run your Daycare, it’s actually really like this.

You can’t let a predator have access to kids like that when they have not been held accountable. And creating those child sexual abuse drawings and selling them publicly in one hand while posing yourself as a childhood educator/trusted celebrity in the other is literally grooming. She knows the trans community crosses over heavily with ABDL, she knows Minors are heavily involved in the “SFW” littles scene online and the 18+ crowd is always having to emphasize “NO MINORS IN KINK”. But she is inviting them into her 18+ spaces, which she calls “SFW” but it’s all diaper change pictures etc. It’s in no way SFW unless your job is to draw sexually suggestive pictures of children, it’s just a label popular with Minors and Pedos. Again, there are SFW artists of note, but they don’t involve kids. Sophie Does.

If Sophie would respond to the allegations properly I might have a better word that Child Sexual Abuse Images & Pedophile, but she ignores and obfuscates instead of explaining herself. I have tried to speak to her personally on this, but she has not honesty in her communication, she just blames “the narrative” and ignores why people find her images so disturbing. This conversation was blood from a stone.

Long Story Short, Sophie Labelle is bad news, and I had to make because she’s touring again, and i’m tired of having to explain that transgender people are just as disgusted by her behavior as the TERFs and Bigots are. An Enemy of My Enemy Does Not Make Them My Friend, Trans people are not a single Borg-Like entity, we can hold our own accountable and we can tell the Jessica Yannivs and Caitlyn Jenners and Sophie Labelles who create havoc and hate towards trans folks for their own selfish means, we can tell them to fuck off, that these bad actors and their bad actions are not common or accepted in the Trans/Kink/Queer Community.

We call Shenanigan’s on you Sophie Labelle, I’m not the first transperson to make a video about you nor will I be the last. You have to address these allegations or they will continue to embarass you, the trans community & the spaces that host trans creators. When we spoke, all I asked was a linkable explanation to why you did it, why it was wrong or why you felt it was right. But instead you force your fans to interact with TERFs and bigots because you’re too much of a coward to properly address your sordid past. You’re harming your fans & are a black mark on the trans community, one that people like me have to constantly explain away. Tired of hearing “But What About Sophie Labelle?” when I say that trans people & ABDLs aren’t pedophiles.

It’s been a long history of people coming into the ABDL community with the impression that involves or is a safe space for child sexual abuse content, I don’t say “Porn” because I make “Porn” & what I do is not the same as what these monsters who make CSA content create. This post is another statement to those people that YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THIS COMMUNITY if you think interacting with children or sexuallizing children or being attracted to children is part of ABDL, it’s not & never will be. We must remain vigilant against “Cub Porn” and anything involving kids or childlike bodies, underage characters, stolen images etc. It’s not popular to call these things out, but it’s necessary for the health of this community and it’s members. So Do Better!

Thanks for reading friends. I hope Sophie thinks about who she’s harming, and realizes that decent people will never tolerate what she’s done. Let’s talk about it Sophie.

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2 Responses to We Need To Talk About Sophie Labelle

  1. Wonder Crinkee says:

    Riley, thank you for posting this and bringing this to light. You made so many firm and substantial points about Sophie L’s infringement on the ABDL and Trans community, I’m glad you outlined this. I doubt it is her cultural or social understandings or whatever because as an adult they really should have thought deeper about their content, and the repercussions (?) with their actions both as an artist and as a public figure. Maybe they are struggling with some inner mental wall understanding the rights and wrongs (?) and they don’t know or are not mature enough through life experience to realize their actions. I have no clue. What is scary is their content is influential in an irresponsible way to those not clear on either community. Such material released to the public does contaminate what they participate in, like not bathing before sharing a public pool. I only saw some videos of this person to get an idea of who they were to better understand their thing but they clearly are of a different social culture. Maybe young-minded one way or others. Inexperienced maybe with social media? I just don’t know. Yes, they screwed up in many infractions with their antics within both communities.


  2. Ana S. says:

    I just wanna thank you for this post. It’s everything I feel about this topic, yet far more succinct than I’ve ever been able to put it.

    I feel like I’ve been screaming about Labelle’s blatantly inappropriate and predatory conduct from the rooftops for a long time, but people were shockingly quick to brush off my concerns or even label me as “right wing” even though I am kinky, homosexual, & profoundly handicapped LOL.

    We absolutely need more people in our community to start coming down harder on stuff like this. The way people like to brush the actions of Labelle (and others who engage in similar behavior) under the rug scares the hell out of me, as any victims that are made in the process are most likely going to be gay, trans, or questioning kids and teens. We need to do better to protect LGBT youth, and not just when the predators are right wing, because the ugly truth is that there are predators everywhere, even within the LGBT community.

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