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When Sissies Go Bad: TheMaidStore & Birchplace

CW: Transphobia – Anti-VX – Bigotry Birchplace is a XDressing & S*ssy Website that hosts SW profiles & has shared extreme far-right propaganda & transphobic nonsense This video is a call to Boycott Birchplace/EBlue Network. The Following Stores Sell Related … Continue reading

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since we last spoke

Be well internet!

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media roundup

Hello friends! I’m making a little post to direct you to a couple interviews/notable media pieces I’ve been involved with. I apologize for not posting more, but there is a method to my madness, and I am still around and … Continue reading

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I represent me

Here’s a quick little video talking about life, diapers, TV, everything! If you’re here from My Strange Addiction, check this out ❤

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normal, strange, unique

Here’s a little video where I talk about my life in NYC, my upcoming television premiere and my interest in ageplay/diapers/regression. More words and thoughts and images soon!

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Here’s a video of the 2011 Trans Day of Action in NYC. I’d like to clarify a couple comments in the video… I have a strong belief that Trans-people are a VERY at risk group of people, for suicide, drugs, … Continue reading

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A Country Doctor: Post-Visit

Here’s the video, as promised.  More stuff soon ❤

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it got better

Wooooo it’s good to be settled, at least for now 🙂  I’m feeling very comfy, satisfied, lovely, all sorts of good ways to feel. I won my unemployment case and finally have a *clean* employment record again, I’m taking my … Continue reading

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love the one you plug in

This is entry is about the machines we love and has a really positive message, I promise, but it does contain Graphic Content. My last post was about how much I want to be a positive beacon of the transgendered community, this post … Continue reading

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first video!

Here’s my first little video… I’m pretty sure I misused the word “chronicling” but hey, no ones perfect… yet!

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