When Sissies Go Bad: TheMaidStore & Birchplace

CW: Transphobia – Anti-VX – Bigotry

Birchplace is a XDressing & S*ssy Website that hosts SW profiles & has shared extreme far-right propaganda & transphobic nonsense

This video is a call to Boycott Birchplace/EBlue Network.

The Following Stores Sell Related Accessories Under The Birchplace Network. I Would Highly Recommend NOT Patronizing These Places!

They have lots of similar sites if you find a new one let me know!


You Can See Their Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/BirchPlace/likes

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Learn about Chloe Corrupt and how SA is ignored in the SW industry.    • How Abusers Keep …  

Thanks for watching friends, StayVigilant & StayKinky!!!

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