How Abusers Keep Abusing in the ABDL Mommy Scene

Graphic Content Warning⚠️

How Abusers Keep Abusing in the Pro-Mommy Scene: Addressing the Allegations Around Mommy Kat Marie

There is no call to action in this video, just an examination of the long-held allegations surround Mommy/Goddess Kat. Please act thoughtfully & don’t violate any boundaries, privacy or otherwise.

The Video is my final word on all this, moving on now.

These 2 “Abusers” videos have not been great for my mental health. I have a history of not taking care of myself in pursuit of (what I think) is the greater good.

I will be focusing on my mental wealth, back to peaceful, happy content, reviews, travelouges, smut etc.

Thanks for bearing 🧸 with me friends & to everyone who contributed, I hope to only match the effort & care you put into telling your stories.

And I apologize for anything left out due to editorial/personal decisions ~ there is a lot I did not feel comfortable discussing.

Take care of yourselves, this is a really rough video so if you are sensitive at all to talk of abuse/domestic violence, skip it.

Be well friends

– RileyK

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1 Response to How Abusers Keep Abusing in the ABDL Mommy Scene

  1. trafficthomas says:

    The details of which you mention in the video Riley I highly appreciate the well informed warnings from you regarding these types of issues, something for everyone to listen to no matter who you are or what business you’re in, predators of any significant situation should not be tolerated at all by any means. “Tell Someone.” Riley your friendship means a lot to me and I’ll tell you why, it’s because of your intellectual honesty more than anything else, though sex is great but that’s not why I follow you per say, or because your very attractive, but rather because I trust your instincts tremendously! I just feel better that your around. Thank you – Thomas 🦊


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