How Abusers Keep Abusing in The Trans Adult Scene

Posted on my main site as “Weak Off, Most Highest Video, Thin Paint”

Hey friends! Taking a little break from “Virginia is For Diaper Lovers” to take on a little more serious subject, will be sharing some new Virginia Pics Tomorrow! I’ve been posting this video everywhere, it’s likely the most challenging and highest gravity video I’ve ever done.

All the Content Warnings, this video details the allegations against “Chloe Corrupt”, an active Producer and Performer in the Trans Adult Scene, and how alleged abusers dodge, obfuscate and insulate against sexual assault allegations. Please be respectful of everyone’s privacy and keep things above the belt. There is no call to action in this video, just a warning about the future of our industry and young trans people if accountability is not valued.

I unfortunately had to dive into Social Media again, outside of really missing my friends there, nobody is going to see unless I share it and share it wide. The reaction has been lukewarm, a few people have really praised it but many people in the industry have remained silent. I am never surprised by the apathy and self-centeredness of the bougie white woman, trans or not. People love to snipe at politicians and people that will never see or think of them, but won’t take on challenges in our own house. It’s easy to #hashtag, it’s a real labor of love, or at the very least, angst, to make a video like this.

do our best

I am not foolish enough to expect the world to reward me for doing the right thing, at least in my lifetime. We’re starting frescos, big as the sky, and while we will never seem them complete in our lives, we start them regardless. If I wanted to get a million likes I would have hidden these things about myself, hidden my gender, my kinks, my observation of wrong-doing, my SELF. Diluting the paint to make a more calming, palatable color.

But I know that there’s people like me out there, we may be few and far between but we are and will continue to be. . We are the bright shocks of color in this world, not the eggshells or aubergines, but the neons and dayglos. Some will try to extinguish this little light of ours, so we must burn bright, hot to the touch, as a hearth to some and a warning to others. We gotta stick together and look out for our own, act not as candles but a conflagration. Warm the hearts of this cold earth, with light comes color and creation.

Be safe friends. StayDiapered, StayKiny, and in the words of Conway the Machine: “Don’t tell my people to stay safe, tell ’em to stay dangerous”

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