#ABDLTRUTH & Bigotry in Kink/Queer Spaces

ARTICLE SUMMARY: The full story on how a stone-cold bigot got a booth at Pride

[HUGE CONTENT WARNING: We’ll be discussing hate groups and their rhetoric – This has been on my mind and I want to address it thoughtfully…]

UPDATE: Twin Cities Pride has been well informed on this issue but is still letting ABDLTruth have a booth at Pride this weekend. They have chosen to ignore these facts and after a series of discussions with their board they stopped answering my letters and phone calls and seem to have made a clear decision on who they want present at their festival. I would be very careful attending, you could very well be outed, doxxed or targeted.

Personal Note

I grew up racist. I was taught bigotry by the adults in my life, the Christian school I went to taught me how to hate and my Stepdad gave me plenty of targets. I was told by an educator this actual quote, “If someone is gay, there’s something wrong with them”. To this day, remnants of that hate can manifest in my thoughts, though I try to immediately squash them. Learned bigotry could be called traumatic or brainwashing and that just doesn’t go away by reading James Baldwin, it goes away by not acting on it and by challenging your own thoughts.

Once I hit Middle School (around 12 years old) I realized that my Step/parents were jerks and bigotry is used to divide the weak and gullible for power. As an empathetic kid it was an easy call to take sides in the early 2000’s, I saw one side gleefully oppress marginalized people the other side defending Muslims and LGBT folks. One side had Rush Limbaugh, the other, Noam Chomsky. I have always diversified my Lit and Social circle, read Franken and Falwell, I read Rand and Marx and CS Lewis. I even read Al Rokers book just for good measure. The point is, I’ve seen both sides and I chose the folks who (ideally) puts the least advantaged people first. I have tolerance for other peoples opinions, working in polling/elections is all about that, but it’s important to have limits. This isn’t about ME being an intolerant liberal, this is about someone breaking the social contract of queer spaces by being a bigot. In discussing this a sexy friend quoted the Paradox of Tolerance, simply, “If you accept intolerance, you erase tolerance”, and that sounds about right to me.

And this has nothing to do with ABDL people at large, ABDLsgenerally enjoy diapers and togetherness, not fascism. This person is an outlier in the ABDL community and has been rejected from most communities and platforms.

But really this is not about my personal politick, it’s about Tolerance v. Intolerance. Let’s get into it.

Preface or “The Right To Swing Your Fist Ends At My Face”

It’s important to take how folks represent themselves online to heart. There’s no such thing as “trolling”, being mean to people is still being mean to people. Some places it’s OK to talk some trash, like a Hockey debate or ModernWarfare Lobbies, but there’s a social contract to that also like you can’t call someone slurs or threaten their life.

These are all pretty basic guidelines, bottom rung “discrimination based on sex, race, color, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, marital or family status, medical condition, genetic information” behavior that will get one fired from any job. We have so much free speech in America, especially online, people just don’t tolerate hate speech anymore. “Free Speech” has become “I should be able to say whatever I want and you can’t challenge me on it”

Now let’s talk about how a transphobic, holocaust denying, racist troll got a booth at Pride.


First: When i say #ABDLTruth I am talking specifically about one person, lets call him “A.T.”. – it’s not any sort of organization really but there are a few “Group” pages on Fetlife and Facebook. The users page on Fetlife

Second: The #1 stated goal of #ABDLTruth is to defend a “Greg S.”. In short, he’s doing Years in Prison for having bad pics on his server. It’s apparently a massive conspiracy against the ABDL community that led the creation of #ABDLTruth by their friend, the guy who we’re discussing today . So Greg S. is in jail and A.T. has a booth at pride. This is irrelevant to the bigotry stuff, but it’s upsetting there’s horribly bigoted ABDL people at Pride handing out paperwork defending this convicted pedophile, listing “THE ABDL COMMUNITY” as one of the defendants in his case. Not a great look.

You can see some of the Facebook content and their “Inspiration”. A.T. tends to attach themselves to legitimate groups and people to lend credence, I think Understanding.Infantilism.org is still a legit site and Bittergreys always been a real one in my book… please inform otherwise. There was also a Local that was apparently sponsoring them but are no longer as of this week, so I think they misrepresent themselves pretty heavily.

So Long Story Short: I got a letter on Fetlife from A.T. inviting me to the #ABDLTRUTH booth at Twin Cities Pride. I looked into their profile as they called themselves a “Fellow ABDL advocate”.

I looked at their profile and saw what could only be described as a “Racist Facebook Uncle” worth of hate filled posts. See this link for screenshots, and this one for More, there’s hundreds of posts like this. It’s the worst kind of transphobia, race baiting, trolling, the worst aspects of discourse from the violent wing of the right, going as far as threats, “Fauci is really H*tler”, encouraging suicidal ideation, encouraging and agreeing with the fascist rights ‘Take Up Arms Against The Liberals to Protect Kids’ rhetoric. just absolute nonsense. I think the anti-Semitism alone would have made him persona-non-grata in most places, decent people don’t put up with that. I’d usually just block, report, warn others and move on, but I found some startling things that made me realize this is a legitimate threat that needs addressing.

Nazis at Pride

I would not call someone a Nazi lightly, but when someone is saying Jan 6th as a Reichstag moment (historical context here but basically when the Nazis started consolidating power) I will call them a Nazi, 100%, they are minimalizing the Holocaust, the violence on Jan 6th and pushing neo-nazi rhetoric. ABDLTruth has done this, and they will be representing ABDLs at Twin Cities Pride.

In searching their social media I found multiple instances of them threatening violence/or agreeing to violent comments against “The Left”. I found some of the darkest, most frightening commentary that could only come from a very, very sick person. I won’t repeat them, but you can find some here, including the Reichstag thread… they have locked all their socials before I could really get things thoroughly documented, but imagine these same horrible conversations on 700+ photos.

I have heard from other users that A.T. outed transwomen. Their sister group, MN’s “M.A.D.E.” with whom they share the Pride booth, I’ve been told they’re vocally anti-immigrant during meetings where ABDL immigrants are present. A.T. said he’d “slap the taste out of Bidens mouth” and made fun of Bidens son’s death equating it to a suicide, so imagine how they’d attack someone more left of center? It’s post after post of this bigoted rhetoric yet somehow…


I missed all this as I was on the periphery of the ABDL community for a little while and during that time this group was Proudly organizing at Pride and this dyed-in-the-wool bigot was, “Repping the ABDL community”. What gets me the most, you see that comment above about “I know you might not be able to make it due to our economy”? That’s called “Being a Passive-Aggressive ass” and oh-so-subtly reminding me that our economy is JUST SO BAD that it’s safe to assume nobody can travel. Proves to me they will clearly insert their vocal opinion into whatever they do, and their opinion is rotten. We’re talking about some absolutely vile rhetoric that just lies beneath their inclusive façade.

Why Pride Matters

Pride is supposed to be a tolerant place. It’s eclectic and can be challenging at times and that diversity makes it beautiful. The Stoners get along with the Sobers, the Aces and Kinksters hangout, the Trans Jews and the Gay Gentiles break bread, and every person of every gender/sexuality and background seem to get along.

But there’s always one group there, with cruel signs and a message of hate, but we keep them OUT. They have every right preach their gospel but they WILL NOT do it in our spaces. These spaces were designed as the one place in society where they truly can’t hurt us. We desperately need those spaces and we need them to be good, as both a way to meet as a community & celebrate and as a deliberate show of presence to the bigots.

Advocacy and Pride, being “Here and Queer”, has always meant being willing to stand up for yourself and be present in the face of adversity. We have had to put our bodies on the line to defend ourselves in the past, it’s what started Pride in fact, though in this generation I believe we can work towards equity with accountability, community organizing and putting in the work to make sure we’re looking out for everyone.

I’m commiserating about those years at pride where ABDLTruth was present. How many transpeople did they talk down to? How many attendees were they bigoted to, possibly in ways they never noticed? What potential damage could they do with photos of transfolks there? What could their reaction to being excluded from Pride be, after the massive failure of Twin Cities pride to Vet this group?

These are scary possibilities, especially because this person has an eerie sense of inclusivity etc., they can parrot the language of social justice. You have someone talking about Pride and LGBT+ rights and then on the other hand is putting out the most caustic posts that are totally contradictory Pride and the civil rights movement. And all their friends and likes are all the same stuff, much of it much more targeted at transpeople than A.T.s output and much more aggressively violent.

Sidenote to an upcoming project: Fetlife has not been helpful. I reported a number of photos and got this response, and then today I logged in to find a number of posts had been removed after I informed them of some of the violent language in that email, but the 4 posts removed were of underaged girls. These were not on A.T.s page tho, but rather random other creeps I found in the comments of A.T.s posts. Fetlife has serious issues and I will be talking more about this in the future. Their support is a joke and I had to really harrass them just to get some pictures of kids taken off of their adult site. It’s basically Parler with nudity. Funny how when communities get unmoderated they immediately fill with Nazis and Pedophiles.

But Could Dada Defeat The Nazis?

So moving forward, let’s not stay silent on things like this. We have people in this community who brow beat anyone who speaks on real issues, “this is just an ABDL sub relax” etc, when this situation has become big enough that we need vigilance and accountability or people are going to get hurt.

DO NOT participate in any harassment or doxxing etc of this individual. I know that they will read this, I have already seen a few posts with them angry about me warning folks away from their group, they got temp banned from Fetlife for a post about me. They like to play innocent victim like it’s just Red V. Blue, when you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could honestly defend the things they say, espcially about the Holocaust or Beau Biden. I have been around the dark spots of the internet for a very long time and must say, this is about as vile as it gets. I delayed this article in anticipation of them being removed from Pride and due to them having some mental health issues and not wanting to dogpile on them, but Twin Cities Pride obviously doesn’t care about Nazis at Pride and A.T. keeps putting out the same vile rhetoric, so unfortunately this has to come to light.

If the “ABDL community” is defined by a series of events, stores and websites, I am perfectly comfortable saying this kind of behavior does not belong in the ABDL community. Accountability in this community means at the very least, no active Nazis in our community. If you can’t abide by that simple standard or just want to “ignore the drama”, then you’re just as bad as them.

Call to Action

Contact Twin Cities Pride on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook Seems to Be Much More Active) and inform them of their lack of oversight. Call or text their “See Something, Say Something” hotline ( and let them know they have Nazis marching at Pride. Let them know they have created a dangerous situation and that by allowing ABDLTruth they are making Pride unsafe for Transfolks, Jews and any target of their bigotry. A.T. plays nice and friendly but have a long track record of hate and we need to hold LGBT orgs accountable.

Yes, it’s valuable to have an ABDL presence at Pride, but not if that ABDL is a pedo-defending, jew-hating, racist/transphobic anti-vaxxer who thinks the Reichstag was a GOOD THING. Are you kidding me with this? We must hold groups accountable and this is an immediate need, as this person will likely use this opportunity to mess with anyone not on the extreme right. Allowing them at Pride makes this Pride not only dangerous, but invalid.

Thanks for reading, stay vigilant, do what you can do protect the most marginalized members of our community from the bigots and trolls who would exclude them. Stay Strong and Stay Kinky!

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